Five-Minute Tours: Raychelle Schaudies at K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi

by Glasstire December 28, 2020

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Raychelle Schaudies: The Twelve Year Tempest Venue at K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi. Dates: December 4, 2020 – January 22, 2021.

Via K Space:

The Twelve Year Tempest is a solo exhibition by Austin artist Raychelle Schaudies. In this series of paintings and sculptures, Schaudies examines her personal evolution since losing her soul mate in 2008. Layering imagery and playing with words figure prominently in her work as she searches for joy and direction amid the chaos of our current times.”

Via Raychelle Schaudies:

“Through the years, my art has always been about contemplating questions, a searching. This series, The Twelve Year Tempest, has been just that on a deeper, confrontational level. A sort of purge or cleansing of the unknowns that have haunted me, uprooted me from my foundation I thought I had built strong enough to last by the age of 42. This title refers to the journey of time and experiences after the passing of my husband and soul-mate of 20 years in 2008. Fast-forward to now…2020 happened when all things seem to be turned upside down and flipped into world-wide chaos…as some say a decade’s worth of chaos in one year. It started well before that, but on a grand scale the struggles became bigger than my little life and suddenly became a gale force to be reckoned with. Suddenly I had a world of company in my misery. This show is sort of a group of series within a series I call it, because it deals with groupings of focus…storms within a storm. You will observe struggles with finding direction in life, with understanding and communication (coded), bleak landscapes and dystopian worlds, and of cognitive dissonance, the great compromise to level our anxieties. And throughout all these works, you will find ‘joy bubbles’…my search for joy, the loss of joy, joy trapped and caged, joy being discarded, scattered and gathered up. Some I paint to truly question and some I express for questions in the face of the world…for others to focus and probe their deepest ideas on things. I now know the emotions and conditions of these ‘questions’ like an old companion and have resolved much of the unrest deep within me (much like the saying, ‘know your enemy’), thanks to painting them, exploring them through these alternate worlds and having dialogue within the language of art.”

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