Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Launches 7th Season of MODERN BILLINGS

by Christopher Blay November 20, 2020

Now in its seventh season, MODERN BILLINGS has been launched by the Education Department of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The program, initiated in the fall of 2018 and supported by Clear Channel Outdoor, invites artists to place works into under-served communities along the periphery of downtown Fort Worth via billboards. The current installment of MODERN BILLINGS will be on view November 20–December 20, 2020.

Led by the Modern’s Assistant Curators of Education Jesse Morgan Barnett and Tiffany Wolf Smith, the initiative asks artists to program billboard spaces which are traditionally used for commercial advertisements along Jacksboro Highway and the Lancaster corridor on the northwest and southeast sections of Fort Worth.

This season of MODERN BILLINGS is in collaboration with the Modern’s Teen/Artist Project (TAP) participants, who have designed nine billboards for the project. TAP collaborates with regional and national artists to “expand the knowledge of art, analysis, and techniques for young, aspiring artists.” The 2020–2021 season of TAP began with students working remotely with visiting artists Carol Zou, Riso Bar, Gerald Cyrus, Raul Rodriguez and Deep Red Press, Jessi Jones, and others. The students include Sarah Carter, Anthony Hosch, Nadia Karjadi, Elliott Kinney, Grace Larsen, Ana Parker, El Niño Romero, Madeline O. Smith, and Paul Yu, all of whose works appear below.

Sarah Carter "Memory of a Kid" at 1198 S Sylvania Ave 76111

Sarah Carter, “Memory of a Kid” at 1198 S Sylvania Ave., 76111.

Nadia Karjadi Talking Without Speaking 2391 Riverside Dr 76104

Nadia Karjadi, “Talking Without Speaking” at 2391 Riverside Dr., 76104.


Grace Larsen We Are All Monsters 1316 Jacksboro Hwy 76114

Grace Larsen, “We Are All Monsters” at 1316 Jacksboro Hwy., 76114.


Madeline O. Smith X Ray 1727 E Hattie St 76104

Madeline O. Smith, “X Ray” at 1727 E Hattie St., 76104.


Anthony Hosch Untitled 2810 E Lancaster Ave 76103

Anthony Hosch, Untitled at 2810 E Lancaster Ave., 76103.


Paul Yu Untitled 2391 Riverside Dr 76104

Paul Yu, Untitled at 2391 Riverside Dr., 76104.


Elliott Kinney Twister Cat 908 Forest Park Blvd 76110

Elliott Kinney, “Twister Cat” at 908 Forest Park Blvd., 76110.


El Niño Romero Oblivion 2810 E Lancaster Ave 76103

El Niño Romero, “Oblivion” at 2810 E Lancaster Ave., 76103.


For more information on MODERN BILLINGS, please visit the Modern’s website here.

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