Top Five: August 20, 2020

by Glasstire August 20, 2020

Christopher Blay and Brandon Zech find that even at the end of this tumultuous summer, Texas art spaces are proving their resilience.

“Everyone has a lot of energy and is figuring out how to get stuff done.”

To watch last week’s episode of Top Five in which Christopher Blay and Brandon Zech talk about online and steaming artist conversations, please go here.


Exquisite Corpse at Conduit Gallery in Dallas August 13 2020

1. Exquisite Corpse
August 12- 22
Conduit Gallery, Dallas

From Conduit Gallery:

“Conduit Gallery artists will participate in the drawing game Exquisite Corpse made famous by Surrealist artists of the early 20th century. In the Exquisite Corpse, also known as Cadavre Exquis, participants play by taking turns drawing sections of a body on a sheet of paper, folded to hide each individual contribution. The first player adds a head—then, without knowing what that head looks like, the next artist adds a torso, and so on. In this way, a strange, comical, often grotesque creature is born. Artists will be grouped into three participants per drawing and collaborate to complete one drawing for a total of forty artworks that will be exhibited on the Conduit Gallery website and in the gallery as well as sold as a fundraiser with one hundred percent of sales donated to Dallas based artist support fund, E.A.S.L.”

“Conduit Artists Participating Include:
Sarah Ball, Jeff Baker, Susan Barnett, Barsamian, Rosalyn Bodycomb, Annabel Daou, Spencer Evans, Vincent Falsetta, Juan Fontanive, Heyd Fontenot, Jeff Gibbons, Susan K. Grant, Billy Hassell, Robert Jessup, Jules Buck Jones, Stephen Lapthisophon, Ted Larsen, Lance Letscher, Carrie Marill, Margaret Meehan, C. Meng, Steven Miller, Roberto Munguia, Fahamu Pecou, Justin Quinn, Susie Phillips, Maja Ruznic, Ludwig Schwarz, Anthony Sonnenberg, James Sullivan, W. Tucker and Reinhard Ziegler.”


WHEN IT'S RIGHT IT'S RIGHT - RICKY BEARGHOST at Webb Gallery in Waxahachie August 2020

2. Ricky Bearghost:When it’s Right, It’s Right
August 12 – September 15
Webb Gallery, Waxahachie

From Webb Gallery:

“ANOTHER GREAT SIGHT – SOUNDS exhibit! Art & Playlist!

“We love Ricky Bearghost in Portland, Oregon! He usually can be found most days working at the Portland Art and Learning Studios, but as many of us, Ricky is currently working at home. The folks at the Studios fashioned a small loom for Ricky to easily use and work from home and he has been turning out some great small jewels. We have been looking forward to showing these! They are so beautiful, personal, and an affordable way to have something cool come in the mail. You can hang them anywhere; and as you can see Ricky gets so much joy from making these pieces.
I guarantee the joy will pass on to you.”

WHEN IT’S RIGHT IT’S RIGHT playlist……..”


A Collection of Friends- Selections from the William F. Lassiter Estate at Inman Gallery in Houston August 8 2020

3. A Collection of Friends: Selections From the William F. Lassiter Estate
August 8 – September 4
Inman Gallery, Houston

From Inman Gallery:

“Inman Gallery is pleased to honor William F. Lassiter with an exhibition of selected artwork from his collection. As Molly Glentzer noted in a Houston Chronicle piece just after his passing in February 2019, Bill “collected friends as much as he collected art and objects.”

To see a Five-Minute Tour of this exhibition, please go here.


David Jeremiah and 'Offerings.' All images: Aaron Garcia (@aarongarciastudio)

David Jeremiah and ‘Offerings.’ All images: Aaron Garcia (@aarongarciastudio)

4. David Jeremiah: Offerings
Janette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas
Through September

From the Janette Kennedy Gallery:

Offerings is an inverted durational performance by award-winning artist David Jeremiah which seeks to investigate the cost of grief by commemorating the deaths from the 2016 shootings in downtown Dallas by Micah Xavier Johnson and his own subsequent death by a police robot. This piece is presented by the Janette-Kennedy Gallery located in the basement level of South Side on Lamar located across the street from The Dallas Police Department headquarters.”

To read a recent Glasstire interview with David Jeremiah about this exhibition, please go here.


5. a) Keith Carter: Blue Man
June 21 – August 30
Tyler Museum of Art

From the Tyler Museum of Art:

“Organized by the Tyler Museum of Art, this exhibition showcases 50 photographs from Keith Carter’s Blue Man series held in the TMA’s Permanent Collection. The images, taken in the late 1980’s, highlight a variety of people and places found around East Texas.”

To see a Five-Minute Tour of this exhibition, please go here.

5. b) Bits & Pieces: Works by Al Souza
July 19 – October 18
Tyler Museum of Art
From the Tyler Museum of Art:

“Organized by the Tyler Museum of Art, this exhibition features a variety of mixed media collages and assemblages from 2000-2010 by Al Souza. The works, including his jigsaw puzzle ‘paintings’, showcase his ability to masterfully combine various parts to create a dynamic whole.”

To see a Five-Minute Tour of this exhibition, please go here.

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