Texas Creative Platform Las Cruxes Announces Central Texas BIPOC Creative Network

by Christopher Blay July 9, 2020

Las Cruxes presents: Central Texas BIPOC Creative Network.

Texas-based Las Cruxes, a creative services platform founded by Veronica Ortuño, who is also its creative director, has announced a new database initiative for Black; Indigenous; and People of Color (+QPOC)(BIPOC). The Central Texas BIPOC Creative Network is intended to bring visibility and networking opportunities to creative people living and working in Central Texas. “No free labor,” the platform declares.

The list offers free sign-up to artists and other creative people, and presents websites and email contact of the participants, allowing for access to a wide swath of people working as musicians, visual artists, curators, and more. Some of the artists on the list, all Austin-based so far, include Brooke Burnside, Micayla Garza, and Juan Cisneros.

For the complete list, and to sign on, please visit the Central Texas BIPOC Creative Network website here.

Veronica Ortuño, Las Cruxes Founder and Creative Director-via Las Cruxes

Veronica Ortuño, Las Cruxes Founder and Creative Director-via Las Cruxes.

Via Las Cruxes:

“Founded 2009, Las Cruxes is a Texas-based creative services platform that fosters artistic expression and dedicates itself to presenting innovative projects for interdisciplinary clients & artists that engage, challenge, and inspire.

Coming from the underground music and art community as a teenager, I decided Las Cruxes would be a place where I could support my peers and offer a space for creatives and guests to express themselves unhindered by expectations and censorship. To me, it has always been about making connections with one another, reaching communities of all backgrounds, and never adhering to one formula or isolating ourselves. Las Cruxes would be a place for experimentation; a place where the unusual as well as the typical is appreciated and embraced.

As a first generation Mexican-American, having a Spanish name was an important nod to my heritage, which I’m extremely proud of. Las Cruxes derives from the Spanish term “las cruces”, which translates to “the crossings”. Fittingly, Las Cruxes is the intersection of all things that inspire me — Art, Music, Fashion, Culture and more. All these movements feed off and inspire one another, creating a symbiotic relationship under the same creative umbrella.

Las Cruxes is a boundless platform that can evolve day-to-day and be a place of multifaceted offerings. As such, after almost a decade serving as a boutique, art gallery, community and events space in Austin, Texas, I decided to close our physical location and shift our vision from retail to creative services, offering my 15 years experience in all these arenas with the world.

We will continue in our efforts to support the artists, brands, and clients we have had the pleasure of working with over the years, as well as those we have yet to meet.”

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