Checking in With: Giovanni Valderas

by Glasstire May 20, 2020

View and bid on Giovanni Valderas’ piece in The Glasstire Auction here.

Checking-in-With-Giovanni-Valderas-May-2020Christopher Blay chats with Giovanni Valderas about the Moss/Chumley Award winner‘s connection to his Oak Cliff neighborhood (he ran for  Dallas City Council), meteors hurtling toward us, and piñatas and politics.

“I thought if I could put piñata out into the community, people would be like ‘oh, that’s really cute,’ and then use that language  — almost like a satellite, a radio signal — to broadcast into a certain community.”


Giovanni Valderas NO HAY PEDO (Canary), 2016
Newsprint, paper, acrylic paint on mulberry paper on wood
36 x 48 inches


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