Culture Hole TV: Episode Two “DREAMS” Is Out

by Christopher Blay May 4, 2020

culture-hole-tv-april-2020A month ago, Dallas artists and sometime collaborators Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe, the organizers of the Dallas space Culture Hole, created Culture Hole TV, an episodic-video journal/online TV show. The first episode was titled HUGS. Soliciting submissions from artists they have collaborated with before (in most cases), they’ve now released Episode Two, titled DREAMS. You can watch it here.

DREAMS features works from Justin Ginsberg (Arlington, Texas), Jessamyn Plotts (Fischer, Texas), Victor Mattina (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Trey Burns (Dallas, Texas) with Taylor Shields (New York, New York), Mark Pieterson (Los Angeles, California), Maria Fernanda Nuñez (Bogota, Columbia), Keren Cytter (New York, New York), Kristen Mills (Johnson, Vermont), and Emily Peacock (Houston, Texas).

Mop and Dream Body, the avatars for  Ruppe and Gibbons, are back as hosts.


At precisely 32°47’04.2″N + 96°46’16.3″W there is a hole. It is a modest hole with concrete walls and floor. A small metal ladder serves as entrance to the hole, some six feet below the Earth’s surface. Historically the hole has taken on various forms: cooling reservoir, la bodega, oubliette, and now CULTURE HOLE.”

“Organized by artists Jeff Gibbons, Gregory Ruppe and Danny Skinner, CULTURE HOLE features exhibitions and performances by artists in an underground project space, located at 3816 Commerce Street. Visitors of CULTURE HOLE are posed with installations and experiences specific to the unique environment that CULTURE HOLE offers. CULTURE HOLE exhibitions are one night only.”

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