50 Drawings In Solitude: Artist Clay Stinnett’s Corona Time Book

by Christopher Blay April 8, 2020

Artist Clay Stinnett. Photo Credit: Danny Fulgencio

In between making grotesque paintings that evoke the Garbage Pail Kids all grown up and giving tattoos to mannequin heads, Dallas artist Clay Stinnett finds the time to draw his way out of the isolation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like most artists right now, Stinnett is using this time to think and to make. But this is not necessarily quarantine-induced productivity. Stinnett is a prolific artist anyway, and makes and shows his paintings frequently, creates album covers (he is also a musician), and takes the work on the road to art fairs and flea markets.


Some of artist Clay Stinnett’s paintings from his doctor_cyclops Instagram page


Clay-Stinnette-Drawing-from-his-doctor-cyclops-instagram-pageBelow are some images from a series of drawings that caught my eye late last week on Stinnett’s social media posts. Stinnett is in the process of making 50 pages for his Corona Time Book, and here are a few of the first ten. There’s lots more on Stinnett’s  Facebook page and his Instagram account.








Clay Stinnett is an artist and musician who graduated from The University of North Texas in 2004 with a BFA in drawing and painting. He describes some of his work as “a concentration of the process of blending unlikely combinations of references and a collision of source material, applied with a frenetic and hyperactive style of mark making.”

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