Five-Minute Tours: ‘More Than Words: Text-Based Artworks II’ at Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio

by Glasstire April 1, 2020

Ethel Shipton

Note: the following is part of Glasstire’s series of short videos, Five-Minute Tours, for which commercial galleries, museums, nonprofits and artist-run spaces across the state of Texas send us video walk-throughs of their current exhibitions. This will continue while the coronavirus situation hinders public access to exhibitions. Let’s get your show in front of an audience.

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More Than Words: Text-Based Artworks II at Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio. Dates: March 25 – May 23, 2020

Via Ruiz-Healy: “Ruiz-Healy Art is delighted to present ​More Than Words: Text-Based Artworks II at our San Antonio gallery, featuring works by Richard Armendariz, Nate Cassie, Andrés Ferrandis, Cisco Jímenez, Katie Pell, Ethel Shipton, and Gary Sweeney. The exhibition will be viewable by appointment and will be made available online on Wednesday, March 25th on Ruiz-Healy Art’s website and social media platforms.

“From autobiographical narratives of an adventurous childhood exploring the forests of Delaware in Katie Pell’s work to storylike carvings chronicling lush scenes of animals personified as literary figures in Ricky Armendariz’s work, the use of text in the works of these seven artists range from subversive social commentary to rapturous meditation. Text, a recurring hallmark throughout art history, demands we read the visual composition of a painting or sculpture and interpret bits of language simultaneously. Text pulls the viewer in, slowing them down to consider how the text and its imagery inform the other. Furthermore, the intentional use of text in artwork can serve to disrupt our passive consumption of media, both digital and analog. In these exhibitions, each artist creates work in undeniably unique styles and processes, all anchored together by the written word, granting the viewer an additional clue with which to interpret the works.”

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