Still Water Foundation Gives $5 Million Each To UT Austin’s Blanton and Landmarks

by Christopher Blay February 12, 2020

Blanton_museum-of-art-by-Amy.ZhangThe Austin-based foundation Still Water will give $5 million each to UT Austin’s Blanton Museum of Art for its master-plan museum grounds project, and to UT’s Landmarks, the university’s public art program, to serve as the financial foundation of an operating endowment for the organization.

States UT Austin President Gregory L. Fenves: “The Still Water Foundation’s profound investment will bring visionary new artwork and landscaping to the outdoor spaces of our campus. For over 130 years, the Forty Acres has grown and evolved with each generation. The Still Water Foundation is leaving their own creative imprint on our historic campus, one that will be appreciated and enjoyed by students, scholars and visitors at UT for decades to come.”


Nancy Rubins, “Monochrome For Austin,” at Landmarks, UT Austin.

Simone Wicha, the Blanton’s Director, says: “A long-standing supporter of the museum for three decades, the Still Water Foundation has had an impact that can be felt across the Blanton. The foundation has helped the Blanton curate an encyclopedic collection of works on paper in one of the most active print study rooms in the country. This recent gift towards the Blanton’s master plan project, one of the museum’s most significant projects, underlines Still Water’s dedication to championing the arts, education and the environment on campus, in Austin and beyond.”

Still Water’s grant includes a $2 million challenge match to encourage more donations and increase programs for both Landmarks and the Blanton. The private Austin family foundation primarily supports organizations in Texas for programs in the arts, education and the environment, and is committed to partnering with rural communities, particularly those in West Texas.

Andrée Bober, founder and director of Landmarks, says: “Still Water has supported Landmarks from the outset. They understand that having art in our daily lives shapes the ways we see the world and our connections to each other. Simply put, their gift is transformative. In one bold stroke, it promises the continuation of our award-winning program and enables us to serve the broadest possible community.”

President of the Still Water Foundation, Jill Wilkinson, says: “Landmarks and the Blanton represent outstanding programs at The University of Texas. In making these gifts, our hope is to raise the visibility of the visual arts on campus and to encourage broad participation in the fundraising campaigns. These programs are jewels in our community that all of us should be excited to experience and support.”

For more on the Blanton Museum of art, please go here. For Landmarks, please visit its website here.

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