Art Dirt: Radical Transparency & the Arts Salary Spreadsheet

by Glasstire June 9, 2019
The Hugo Boss Prize 2010: Hans-Peter Feldman' At The Guggenheim

The Hugo Boss Prize 2010: Hans-Peter Feldman’ At The Guggenheim, New York

In this Art Dirt podcast, Brandon Zech and Christina Rees talk about the radical transparency of a week-old, anonymous spreadsheet that discloses the salaries of museum, non-profit, and gallery workers.

“Historically it’s been gauche to talk about how much you make, and it’s taboo to ask your co-workers how much they make. That’s about the protection of employers, not employees.”

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Robert Boyd June 9, 2019 - 19:31

If anyone wants to do statistical comparisons by race or gender, the relatively easy way to do it is to copy this worksheet into Excel and do pivot tables. That would be where I would start, although with any large tabular dataset like this, there is some massaging that can be done to make it more comprehensible.


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