Rainey Knudson Featured on ‘The Conversation’ Podcast

by Glasstire March 12, 2019

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Glasstire’s founder and longtime publisher, Rainey Knudson, is featured on the most recent episode of The Conversation: an Artist Podcast. Founded by host and Los Angeles-based artist Michael Shaw in 2011, the podcast, which has more than 200 episodes, covers contemporary art. Shaw interviews artists, gallerists, collectors, curators, writers, and anyone else who may be able to give some insight to the art world.

Los Angeles-based artist Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw

On the podcast’s website, Mr. Shaw notes his impetus for beginning the program:

“I began the podcast coming from the place of, ‘I want to make a podcast, what can I make it about?’, and art was the most prominent candidate. The evolution of the show has gone from a more straight ‘interview’ type of dynamic to ideally something far less predictable. The best episodes have an element of performance to them. That’s the objective; the challenge is getting the guest to come on board with that approach.”

In her interview, Ms. Knudson talks about the similarities and differences between Houston and Los Angeles, and how Glasstire has evolved over the years. The conversation also touches on some articles Ms. Knudson has written for Glasstire, including her review of a Rothko exhibition, and her essay My Fears and Their Assuagements.

Ms. Knudson recently announced that she will be stepping down from Glasstire after 18 years at the publication’s helm. She is currently lecturing about the publication at various museums and universities across Texas.

Listen to The Conversation: an Artist Podcast with Rainey Knudson here.

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