SMU’s Pollock Gallery Opens Offsite Space to Present “Professional Practice” Exhibitions

by Paula Newton December 5, 2018

Regent Properties Legacy Central, where the Meadows School is opening a student art space

SMU’s Pollock Gallery will be opening a new exhibition space in a new private business campus, or as 84-acre site  calls itself, “a sophisticated corporate office campus that is modern, collaborative, highly amenitized, and pedestrian friendly, with an indoor-outdoor focus.”

The Division of Art in SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts has announced a new partnership between Regent Properties and SMU’s Pollock Gallery. Regent Properties has opened its doors in Plano for SMU alumni and current students to exhibit their work and create site-specific pieces for Regent’s Legacy Central mixed-use development. The Regent Properties Professional Practice exhibition will be installed through February 15, 2020 at the Regent Properties Legacy Central project.

A public reception for the first phase of the exhibition will be held on Thursday, December 6, from 4 to 6 p.m., with an interactive performance presented by participating artists Xxavier Carter and Travis Iurato and by arts writer Allison Klion.

This partnership, which will continue as an educational initiative of the Pollock Gallery through 2020, provides SMU students opportunities for hands-on experiences working as professional artists. With the support and guidance of the SMU Division of Art faculty, students learn concrete skills to take their studio practice into a professional context. A group of nine students and alumni were selected to take part in the exhibition. They went through each step of preparing art for a large-scale group exhibition, including preparing a portfolio of their work, managing external timelines, installing work, and getting ready to speak to the public about their artistic practice.

“Through this partnership, Regent Properties will reinforce its commitment to supporting both the arts and educational initiatives in our community,” said Jeffrey Dinkin, managing partner of Regent Properties. “Tenants and patrons of our spaces will benefit from exposure to this dynamic exhibition of new work by an emerging generation of artists.”

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