TX Artists Can Apply to 2018 Artpace Residency

by Glasstire September 10, 2016


Three times a year, Artpace in San Antonio hosts eight-week long artist residencies comprised of one international, one national, and one Texas-based artist. While national and international artists cannot apply, the Texas-based artists are chosen from an annual open call for submissions. Along with living and working quarters, all residents receive travel expenses, a living stipend, and a materials budget.

For each round, guest curators make their selections a year in advance, so this year’s open call is for spring, summer, and fall of 2018. Though Artpace has not selected the 2018 curators, past years have featured Helen Molesworth, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Ute Meta Bauer. 2015 Texas Artpace residents were: Autumn Knight (Houston), Gabriel Martinez (Houston), and Larry Bamburg (Marfa).

Applications for this year’s round are due by October 25. Go here to learn more and apply. To read our review of the 2016 International Artist in Residency show, go here.

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Annette Exum October 9, 2016 - 12:30

Art is the goal of life……
An artist is one who chooses to move our of the way to be used as a tool for The Creator to manefest tangibly in the universe.

Some are technicians who understand the techniques of task performance. Such persons are valued and important, but they may never rise to a place of craftmanship.

Craftsmen and women understand the technical skills of creation and use, but they can use their talents to modify the creation beyond the basic functionality. Creation have a character from the craftsman’s imagination and vision.

The craftsman may, however, never become artists. They may never be able to move out of the way to let The Creator use them as a tool on which The Creator conveys a gift that manifests reality in tangible form in the universe.

Such people need not be artists as we often think of them using voice, canvass, etc. They can be life artists who are mothers, fathers, plumbers, lawyers or homeless person….whatever walk that is their journey.

They may not always be artists….Yet, there may be moments of life when The Creator does come through the artist to manifest….in the earth.



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