Bobby: The Best Show Ever!

by Brandon Zech August 31, 2016

Over the past year, I’ve read more than 1,000 press releases that have been sent to Glasstire. Eventually, their variations on contemporary artspeak start to run together—artists, galleries, and museums tend to “explore,” ask a lot of rhetorical questions, and legitimize shows through oddly crafted or downright nonsensical biographical narratives. The following press release, composed for our imaginary ideal artist “Bobby” and his upcoming show, is made up of verbatim snippets taken from real and recent press releases.


Bobby: The Best Show Ever


Sunday, April 3th

Bobby: The Best Show Ever

[Houston,TX] Where have you laughed the hardest? Where was your faith in humanity restored? Where did you feel the intensity of your own cruelty? Have you ever felt lost in the haze of another world and looked back at the world you left behind? Can you recall a period in your life that no longer seems real, not just because of a temporal distance, but a chasm of trauma that your mind cannot cross, as if the former you entered and emerged a stranger? When you were 12 years old could you have ever believed that there could be such a thing as too much Chocolate?

The Best Show Ever is a collaborative tribute to the essence of women. This show represents the culmination of Bobby’s investigation during his quest for a Master of Fine Arts Degree. He believes the role of any artist—wherever—is what he or she wants to make it. With these artworks, Bobby continues his exploration of the geological spaces of his mind, rendering these visions with precision and exactness, layering in his subtle shading and rich color. Bobby transposes the spectrum of indigenous pigmented fabric onto oil and canvas in an interpretive style that is painterly yet unbounded by convention. The series serves as reflections of both the external and internal, of places here and there.

The landscapes that reflect his travels—both literal and philosophical—are abstract and lyrical. Through the joining of forces, the glorified message functions as a method of storytelling that has allegorical contingencies. This collection of pieces vary in size, visual, and presentation to offer commentary on social, political, and cultural spectacles of today’s shape shifting world. Needless to say, Bobby is psyched for this show, so let’s allow him a few words:

“To give you some context, I need to tell that I’ve got kinda personal issues with Mr. Putin. My work takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues that exist amongst this story we call life. For this exhibition, I chose to focus my work on the head and shoulders of the woman,” said Bobby. “I put women’s power center in the portrait rather than using the art to portray her sexuality.”



Bobby is a modern contemporary expressionist whose artistic style emotes a refreshing, yet twisted, portrayal of the 21st-century avant-garde through an exploitation of color. When asked what style he considers his paintings to be, Bobby simply answers “POP”. With this radical and absurd choice, he challenged the art world to take him seriously, as many historically important artists have done.

But Bobby instantly proved to be an onion. Upon further study of the artist, more and more layers revealed themselves. After getting past the “Oh Wow” factor of his skill, you are met with pieces that are compelling and extremely thought- provoking. His seminal years were filled with the usual sordid episodes of youth, casual sex and substances filtered through a haze of cultural misappropriation. He has also run over 50 marathons and it is no coincidence that the opening of this exhibition will be one day before the Chevron Houston 26.2 mile marathon which Bobby will once again attempt to run!



As a special treat for his audience, Bobby will be arriving at the gallery in his 1929 Ford Model-A roadster. Art is one of the driving forces (pun intended) behind what keeps a community connected. Entry is free and the work will be for sale. Refreshments will be provided at the event, but guests are welcome to bring their own as well. Business attire requested. The event is not designed to be scary, unless you are afraid of the dark. You may also visit the gallery via the Internet at



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Jenn September 5, 2016 - 11:20

Was supper compelled to see Bobby’s art after reading this article! I visited the website listed only to find a variety of absurdly painted “dick pic’s”. Is this really the art of Bobby or is the website wrongly listed?

randy September 6, 2016 - 14:00

LOL @ Jenn

Jordan June 24, 2018 - 11:26

After getting past the “Oh Wow” factor of his skill, you are met with writing that is compelling and extremely thought- provoking.


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