It’s National Coloring Book Day!

by Paula Newton August 2, 2016

Artists: you can use your skills without the pesky burden of creativity. Today, August 2, is National Coloring Book Day! Sometimes it’s a relief to color inside the lines.

Anyone who follows the bestseller list or keeps up with the latest trends knows that adult coloring books have been a craze for a while now. There are adult coloring books for Catholics, for Buddhists, and for gun enthusiasts. There is the “Have a Nice Life Asshole: Breakup Stress Reliever Adult Coloring Book,” a coloring book on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the NSFW “Sweary” coloring book, the very NSFW coloring book depicting sexual positions, and an upcoming coloring book based on “Games of Thrones.”

In an article about the phenomena, reports that, “Just like meditation, coloring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety.” created its own fitness-themed coloring book, adding, “Studies have shown that coloring can help reduce anxiety, and the calming, therapeutic-like hobby creates an outlet for creativity, without requiring you to actually be artistic.” Voilà!

To celebrate the day, there are a number of events taking place throughout the state. To find one near you, go here.

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