Dallas Artist Ted Kincaid Has Founded a New Anti-Hate Project

by Glasstire June 23, 2016


Ted Kincaid, a (deservedly) highly regarded artist based in Dallas, and his partner Steve Atkinson and some of their friends have founded I AM DONE, a “project to mobilize like-minded people to boldly take a stand against hate speech directed at the LGBT community or any other group, and to take a stand in favor of sensible reforms to our country’s gun laws.”

This comes of course in the wake of the Orlando tragedy, but also regional hate speech in the wake of it as spouted by, in one example, a pastor of a Baptist church in Fort Worth who told his congregation: ““These 50 sodomites are all perverts and pedophiles, and they’re the scum of the earth. And the earth is a little bit better place now.” (This is on YouTube, no less.)

This is getting scattered press, including mention of the formation of I AM DONE. I AM DONE’s first action will be a peaceful protest outside of that church this coming Sunday. For info on that, please go to I AM DONE’s Facebook page. And Godspeed.

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