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by Ariane Roesch June 2, 2016

The Most Famous Artist

Matty Mo, also known as “The Most Famous Artist“, is selling cash as art for his most recent project titled “One Hundred Thousand Dollars”. Each piece looks to be a stack of 1,000 $100 bills held together with a ribbon reading “$100000” but the true monetary value is unknown. Mo is selling these stacks of cash through Instagram for $5,000 each and apparently all 10 pieces have already sold netting him $50,000.

TheMostFamousArtist selling on Instagram

NextShark reports: “Mo will be hand-delivering each stack to the buyers and will include a signed certificate of authenticity that includes 1,000 unique serial numbers for each dollar bill used to create the artwork. While buyers can look through the stacks of cash to count their true monetary value, there’s a seal in each piece that keeps all the bills together. If the seal on a stack is broken, Mo says it will become an illegitimate art object.”

The Most Famous Artist

Mo, who primarily works with repurposing old paintings and murals, aims to make each art project go viral on social media. Most of his sales also happen through Instagram. Prior to becoming an artist he was a successful tech entrepreneur, but his career was cut short when a then-friend filmed him drunk and naked on the beach in India. The video was picked up by Gawker and ruined his company.

The Most Famous Artist

“I found that being an artist gives you so much freedom from scrutiny,” [Mo] said. “If you’re a CEO of a company and you get drunk or tweet something stupid, people freak out. But if you’re a CEO of an art brand, you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want.”

Mo hopes to inspire more artists to effectively use social media to market their work and earn a decent living as he does.


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