ArtSmarter Prize: What Would Justin Ginsberg Do For Love?

by Glasstire January 10, 2016

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Entries for the ArtSmarter Prize 2016 are rolling in. As you know by now, the theme of the Prize is What Would You Do For Love?, and here we present three entries (which answer this question) by Justin Ginsberg.

(For more on the Prize, see above or go here, here, and here.)

The artist provided these notes about the following videos:

About Sponge Cleaning Sponge – Ill scratch your back if you scratch mine

Self explanatory.

About Bleep:

Bleep is a video of a sponge being cleaned by nuke-ing it in the microwave, showing us a connection that the device we use to cook is the same device we use to kill every living bacteria within the ecosystem of a sponge. Cleansing indeed!
The music is by George Fromby called “Window Cleaner”. It was the first song ever to be censored by radio (BBC) even though ol’ george was a swell guy who made the Ukulele famous. But this Ukulele strumming Mofo was singing about potentially lewd things, that could potentially be seen, by this theoretical window cleaner. I’ve bleeped out the word “clean”…. to make it sound dirty.

About In Vain:

Using an old bubble level (which was marketing swag from an old design shop in dallas), a coke mirror, a novelty finger/pen cap, and a magnifying glass. Its all about You you you you you”




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