Houston Chron Calls HAA to Task. Hard.

by Paula Newton October 28, 2015

HAA President and CEO Jonathon Glus

Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle posted an editorial called “Bad impression” and the folks at the Chronicle don’t seem to have a very good impression of the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA).

In light of the City Council’s recently approved Arts and Culture Plan and the upcoming mayoral election, the editorial points out many of the “deeply rooted structural problems with the HAA.” It begins with last year’s Ed Wilson fiasco (for a refresher course on that adventure, go here). “The embarrassing incident,” the editorial continues, “was merely the latest sign that Houston’s public art financing system is broken.”

Citing the new Arts and Culture Plan’s recommendation that the City “provide increased oversight, transparency and accountability in the allocation of City arts and culture grants,” the editorial makes some suggestions:

A good first step would be to demand term limits for HAA committee members, a standard practice in comparable organizations around the country. That would inject fresh perspectives into debates about which organizations and projects to fund. Looking ahead, the next mayor should consider carefully before renewing the city’s contract with HAA.



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Janis October 28, 2015 - 09:33

This is good. Simple requests never followed up from last year’s fiasco- add qualified artists to your boards and committees, and be accountable. To this day that has not happened.

From a business standpoint, how has a leadership change not be implemented?

Paul October 28, 2015 - 12:29

these orgs need to be accountable and work more with the city’s best interest and collective goals and not their own. As the third largest arts city and soon to be third largest city in population we are still very behind on the national level. We can’t progress and move forward if we are being held back.


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