Polke Painting (Allegedly) Discovered in Houston

by Brandon Zech July 18, 2015

Photo via ABC News

It was reported yesterday by ABC News that a Houston man believes he has found an original Sigmar Polke painting. Ray Riley bought the work at The Guild Shop, a neighborhood thrift store, for $90. Upon inspecting the piece further, however, he found the letters “p-o-l-k-e.” He researched Polke and came to the conclusion that this piece is authentic.

Riley: “I’m talking to a guy in California who’s going to examine the painting and hopefully authenticate it. There are a couple of unique characteristics that will be key to proving its authenticity.”

If this painting turns out to be the real deal, it will not be the first time a piece of fine art has been discovered at The Guild Shop. A work by William Gay Yorke is currently for sale at the shop, but has a lofty $18,000 price tag.

Riley plans to sell the painting if it is authenticated. As for The Guild Shop, they told ABC News: “People come here to find the treasures in our shop. We have hundreds of art pieces that come through all the time and we obviously don’t know if some of them are worth millions.”

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