Free Beer: A New Austin Art Podcast

by Caitlin G. McCollom January 15, 2015

The Free Beer Guys


If you live in Austin and are reasonably engaged and curious, you might have been hearing and wondering about what the heck “Free Beer” is. So far, it’s a mysterious-sounding promo spot for a new podcast that dreamily proclaims all kinds of strange promises. My favorite examples: art-fair erotica, kissing contest, burner-phone hotline, no set episode length, and of course FREE BEER. I dug for some answers from the Free Beer guys. Though this is kind of one of those things where the more you know the less you know.

Caitlin G. McCollom: Who is involved in this project?

Free Beer: Landon Holt O’Brien, David Walter Lull Culpepper, Nathan Archer Ellefson, and Thomas John “The Animal” Lemanski (listed by height).

CGM: How did it start?

FB: It started with the four of us drinking beer at art openings/events/happenings/parties/shows.

CGM: What are you hoping to do and what are you planning to do?

FB: Our intent is to create a monthly contemporary arts podcast. Episodes will consist of featured artist content, regional event/art show listings, and exhibition reviews. The conversation will be informal, often recorded on location, with the substance dictated by the artist or maker highlighted. This will range from interviews to conceptual sound pieces.

CGM: Do you have a web presence? Facebook or a website?

FB: Yes, we have a soundcloud ( and we will be on the iTunes store as soon as we figure out what an RSS feed is. We have an email address which is [email protected]. Oh yeah, and tweet to us @therealFreeBeer.

CGM: Why is your promo almost content-free?

FB: There is a pile of content, just no context. Yet.

CGM: Why is Tribeza [the online magazine] sponsoring it?

FB: It’s not. Google Fiber is.

CGM: What good is an audio podcast about art?

FB: It’s like looking but with your ears. If eyes are the windows to the soul then the ears have gotta be on the house somewhere, right?

CGM: How do you think the Austin art scene will respond?

FB: At up to 1,000 megabits per second, Google Fiber is up to 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband speeds. With that kind of cyber swiftness the Austin art community should be able to download our podcast real quick. As far as responses go we are hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

CGM: When should we expect the first broadcast?

FB: The first episode should be out by the end of January and will feature Austin-based father, citizen, and conceptual consumer Sean Ripple. We’ll be breaking a sweat with Erica Nix in our second episode out in February.


Listen to Free Beer here:; Follow them on twitter: @therealFreeBeer; Listen out for their first episode in late January.

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Dave Culpepper January 30, 2015 - 12:56

Here is the iTunes link for our podcast. Enjoy.


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