UPDATE plus UPDATE: Earthquakes Continue to Rattle Dallas, And of Course the Design District is Very Close To the Epicenter

by Christina Rees January 6, 2015


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Via CBS Dallas


11:11 a.m. Wed. Okay, they keep on coming, so no more updates from me. Keep an eye on this DMN blog courtesy the intrepid Robert Wilonsky if you like watching the unfolding of this “swarm” (official seismology term), a.k.a. all quakes emanating from the “Jerry Jones Fault” stack up around here.

11.02 a.m. Wed: update.

9:11 a.m. on Wed: So it was nine, or eight plus one after midnight.


9:08 p.m.: It was four. See?

Geez, louise. DO WE FEEL THE EARTH MOVE UNDER OUR FEET OR WHAT, FOLKS? (Still no biggie to Californians…).

Update 8:56 pm. There are officially three quakes today, so far. I felt four. So did everyone else. I will have a hard time sleeping tonight, of course, and my dog and cat’s distress isn’t helping. Murray has been vomiting.

Update 6:52 p.m.: Yes, folks, that was another one. We all felt it.

6:56: Aaaaaannnnd, another.

Update 4:30 p.m: There is damage around town, and I’ve seen posted (thus far private) video footage of it, but more to come… .

4 p.m.: Dallas just enjoyed its 17th earthquake in nine weeks. This one was felt much more widely than the previous ones, with people in high-rise office towers up and down the Arts District and, of course, everyone in the Design District, reporting via social media that they were really rattled around. Also reports from Fair Park, Deep Ellum, downtown, Lower Greenville, East Dallas, Oak Cliff, the Park Cities, North Dallas, etc. If you are an artist or working in the arts in any capacity or a collector in Dallas county, you probably felt it. There’s my tie-in.

The epicenter is around where the old Texas Stadium was–it has been for most of the quakes–which is east Irving, which is the border of the Design District.

Welcome to fracking country, art people.

Call your art pals in Los Angeles for moral support, or jeers.




Another update and map of epicenters of the various quakes thus far. Comments give you an idea of who felt the latest one and how.






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