Another quietly cool thing is happening in Dallas right now

by Christina Rees June 19, 2014

King of the Dipshits (video still)

Dallas is about halfway through an odd and unpeopled exhibition happening in Expo Park, and I doubt many Dallas art fans really know about it: PURE DURATION: part one: a beetle on its back is a video installation visible through the big storefront window at Beefhaus. You can watch it from the sidewalk, or even from your car if you don’t want to leave your air conditioning.

The exhibition is viewable each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 9 p.m to midnight, and starts up again tonight for the second of three weekends with the title cut,  A Beetle on Its Back.  Each night the video is switched out for a new one, for a total of nine throughout the show’s run. (The video still pictured here of the tragic, monstrous lobster from King of the Dipshits, screened on the first night, June 12.)

The various video pieces are the collaborative effort of Dallas artists Gregory Ruppe and Jeff Gibbons. This is their second collaboration this year; a few months ago they wrapped a big block of unmelting ice around an indoor pillar at Centraltrak. (I loved it. Simple, smart, and funny.)

Ruppe works across a lot of formats and had several video installations included in the last Texas Biennial. Jeff Gibbons, a Detroit native, is similarly multi-talented and is currently in residence at UTD’s Centraltrak. The artist-owned Beefhaus at 833 Exposition Avenue is showing the videos on Thursday-Saturday nights through June 28. If you’re in the neighborhood it’s worth a look.

Here’s the schedule. All films will be shown from 9pm-midnight.

June 12: King of the Dipshits
June 13: Silly Putty Dancer
June 14: Untitled (Weihnachten im Dreikönigskirche)
June 19: A Beetle on Its Back
June 20: Untitled (Natsu Matsuri)
June 21: Stray Dogs
June 27: Tacoma Narrows
June 28: Smithsonwater®

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