Texas Art History Student Has Twitter Wager Shut Down

by Lucia Simek May 9, 2014
Round Rock Hogh School senior Andrew Muennink plays a social media numbers game with his art history teacher.

Round Rock Hogh School senior Andrew Muennink tried to play a social media numbers game with his art history teacher.

A senior at Round Rock High School, near Austin, a one Andrew Muennink, didn’t think he could handle taking his art history final because it “is supposed to be so hard;” so he made a bet with his teacher, Cindy House: if he could get  15,000 retweets of this tweet “15,000 retweets and no art final” then, yep, no art final. Or at least those were the terms of their agreement, reports ABC News.

The school district of Round Rock is, however, in a tither over the (ridiculous) proposition. A representative from the district, JoyLynn Occhiuzzi, asserts that no matter what, 15,000 tweets or not, the exam will go on: “The art students at Round Rock High School will be taking their final exams at the end of this month,” she released in a statement. To this Muennink retorted directly to ABC News via a Twitter message, “A deal was made and it should be owned up to.”

At last count Muennink had 8850 retweets, and he would have had until May 23 to hit the mark of 15,000 if the deal was honored. Too bad it didn’t work out, because if it had, “I’d be the man!,” said Muennink.

At the very least, he got his Warhol 15 minutes of fame, and he didn’t even need to hit 15,000 retweets. He does, however, still have to know who Warhol is.

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