Hunting Art Prize Finalists Announced

by Paula Newton March 5, 2014

Hunting PLC has announced that its jurors have whittled down the 2014 Hunting Art Prize entrants to 115 artists to move on to the final round of judging. The panel will reconvene in April to make its final selection, which will be announced at the Hunting Art Prize gala on May 3.

lotteryThe $50,000 prize makes it one of the largest annual art awards in North America. Anyone in the state of Texas may enter one single image of a two-dimensional, non-photographic work (painting and drawing). The much-appreciated award has not changed its often-criticized selection process much since 2007, even after Glasstire founder Rainey Knudson published her article “How to Fix the Hunting Prize” later that year. As one artist remarked recently, “The prize money is so large and the judging criteria so small (one image), you can’t help but enter even though it’s such an arbitrary long shot.” Further explaining the anxiety of the process, he added, “I’m just not sure I’d want to know that I was on the ‘short list’ for a huge lottery jackpot.”

Congratulations to the finalists; may the best artist’s number be called!

  • Fariba Abedin, Houston
  • John Adelman, Houston
  • Michael Bane, Fort Worth
  • Vera Barnett, Grandview
  • Awadh Baryoum, Dallas
  • Sylvia Benitez, Seguin
  • Jason Bennett, Tyler
  • Carol Benson, Fort Worth
  • Linda Blackburn, Fort Worth
  • Dennis Blagg, Fort Worth
  • Darnell Bolton, Arlington
  • Martin Bouska, Richmond
  • Natasha Bowdoin, Houston
  • Valerie Burkes, Houston
  • Shawn Camp, Austin
  • Todd Camplin, Jefferson
  • Jose Cardenas, San Antonio
  • Elizabeth Chapin, Austin
  • Stephanie Clark, Spring
  • Joseph Cohen, Houston
  • Catherine Colangelo, Houston
  • Nika Cranmer, Houston
  • Keith Davis, Austin
  • Hannah Dean, Slaton
  • Andrew DeCaen, Denton
  • Lindsey Dunnagan, Grapevine
  • Joey Fauerso, San Antonio
  • Orna Feinstein, Bellaire
  • Vincent Fink, Katy
  • Christopher Fitzgerald, Pflugerville
  • Tommy Fitzpatrick, Austin
  • Todd Ford, Krum
  • Valerie Fowler, Austin
  • Janice Freeman, Houston
  • Adam Fung, Fort Worth
  • Sarah Garcia, San Antonio
  • Melissa Garner, Dallas
  • Larry Gentry, Midlothian
  • Raul Gonzalez, San Antonio
  • Sarah Graham, Grand Prairie
  • Helen Green, Austin
  • Sharon Grimes, Longview
  • Michael Guidry, Houston
  • Starla Halfmann, Austin
  • Roberta Harris, Houston
  • Sherry Tseng Hill, Houston
  • Nancy Hines, Montgomery
  • Erin Hinz, Dallas
  • Ann Huey, Lancaster
  • Thomas Jennings, Houston
  • Anna Elise Johnson, Houston
  • Bethany Johnson, Austin
  • James W. Johnson, Lubbock
  • Rance Jones, Richardson
  • Angela Kallus, Fort Worth
  • Patrick Kelly, Albany
  • Hogan Kimbrell, Houston
  • Jason Kinney, Fort Worth
  • Padaric Kolander, Austin
  • Travis LaMothe, Coppell
  • Joan Laughlin, Houston
  • Jayne Lawrence, San Antonio
  • Antonio Lechuga, Jr., Dallas
  • Patrick Lewis, Dallas
  • Jane Liang, San Antonio
  • David Lindsay, Lubbock
  • Brian Moss, Houston
  • Linda Martin, Cedar Hill
  • Arturo Martinez, Laredo
  • Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Dallas
  • Vickie McMillan, The Woodlands
  • Kathleen McShane, Fayetteville
  • Renea Menzies, Houston
  • Courtney Miles, Dallas
  • Steve Miller, Grand Prairie
  • Richard Nix, Houston
  • Kevin Owens, Dallas
  • Igraine Perkinson, Houston
  • Kevin Peterson, Houston
  • Chuck Petty, Plano
  • David Philips, Dallas
  • Gordon Phillipson, Kemah
  • Leslie Pierce, Austin
  • Erika Pochybova, Lubbock
  • Cary Reeder, Houston
  • Kit Reisch, Dallas
  • Ted Reves, Sugar Land
  • Clifton Riley, San Antonio
  • Shaun Roberts, Nacogdoches
  • Anat Ronen, Houston
  • Joyce Rosner, Austin
  • Ricardo Vicente Ruiz, Corpus Christi
  • Ricardo Ruiz, Corpus Christi
  • Alexis Serio, Troup
  • Yvette Shadrock, Macdona
  • Caroline Sharpless, Houston
  • David Smith, Sugar Land
  • Joel Stanulonis, Katy
  • Woodrow Starkey, Wylie
  • Pablo Taboada, Austin
  • Lorraine Tady, Dallas
  • Saralene Tapley, Dickinson
  • James Tennison, Fort Worth
  • Prince Thomas, Houston
  • James Van Patten, Pflugerville
  • Kelli Vance, Houston
  • Louis Vega Trevino, San Antonio
  • Michael Villarreal, Dale
  • Christopher Wallace, Conroe
  • Robert Wardle, Plano
  • Wendy Wight, Houston
  • Taylor Winn, Austin
  • Matthew Winters, Austin
  • Lee E. Wright, Houston
  • James Zamora, Denton

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Hampton March 6, 2014 - 11:05

The one good thing about the Hunting Art Prize’s annual finalist list is that the rest of us get introduced to the names of more Texas artists. With that said, may the best representational art win (again)!

Paula Newton March 6, 2014 - 19:10

Excellent point! Always lots of new names. (But the winning artwork doesn’t have to be representational, merely 2-D and not a photo.)

Robert Boyd March 7, 2014 - 10:10

I think Hampton was complaining that the winners have been representational work instead of abstraction. Wendy Wagner’s winning piece was representational in terms of depicting something completely imaginary, and the other winners were representational in a more conventional sense. So it may not be a rule that the winning art is non-abstract art, but it is a custom. Maybe they’ll surprise us this year.

Robert Boyd March 7, 2014 - 10:10 Reply
Awadh Baryoum March 10, 2014 - 19:40

The big question is how to fix the whole “chauvinistic” contemporary art world. Hunting Art Prize is just a little innocent and pleasant party.

Sarah Janece Garcia April 3, 2014 - 18:37

My name is Sarah Janece Garcia my painting “Wonderment” is a finalist this year. I am so excited to be able to meet all the talented artists on the above list. See you all in May and good luck everyone.


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