Don’t Wait For Permission- Get On Over to CentralTrak’s Emerging Art Panel Discussion TONITE!

by Bill Davenport April 25, 2013

This evening at CentralTrak, The Green Bandana Group is presenting a panel discussion on “Not Waiting for Permission: 2nd Annual State of the Emerging Arts”. According to the organizers, “the panel is meant to inspire: artists should leave feeling that they don’t have to wait for permission, funding, or anything to pursue their dreams, and to improve our city.”

Panelists include Brandy Michele Adams, director of W.A.A.S Gallery; Sally Glass, artist and Editor-in-chief of Semigloss magazine; Lucy Kirkman is an artist and co-owner of Studio Don’t Fuck This Up, and a member of S.C.A.B; and artist Francisco Moreno director of The Fort Worth Drawing Center, and gallery teacher at The Warehouse; and Michael A. Morris, an artist, educator, practitioner, and advocate of cinematic forms. The discussion will be moderated by Darryl Ratcliff is the founder of Green Bandana Group.

The fun begins at 8 p.m.!

Here’s some video of the thoroughly documented Green Bandana-sposored panel last year, titled “1.2 Million Stories: State of the Emerging Arts”. It’s an hour and a half long, so get some popcorn:

YouTube commenter hej214 said of the video: “Amazing that the panelists talked about wanting more criticism, yet were egg-shell nice to each other throughout most of the panel. Guess we are a product of our environment.”

Dont worry, Glasstire can fix that!

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