Houston: Maybe It’s Not Worth It After All

by Bill Davenport April 5, 2013

The Houston Arts Alliance has cooked up a new marketing push labeled “Houston is Inspired,” and is convening a forum for the managers and PR people from Houston art organizations to “to unite all of Houston’s arts and culture organizations under the “Houston is inspired” banner, turn our patrons into arts ambassadors, cross-promote our offerings to one another’s audiences, and increase awareness for all of our organizations. We need your input.”

They certainly do. I think they may have hired the same itinerant branding wizards that fled Oklahoma after selling the state “Oklahoma: State of Creativity”, and “Oklahoma: It’s OK”. The web domain “houstonisinspired.com” has already been bought (although it’s parked right now), but there are plenty of similar names still available:

houstonis insipid

The Houston is Inspired rally happens on April 15 from 3-5 at the Asia Society Texas Center, 1370 Southmore blvd.

The headline for this piece is drawn from artist Randy Twaddle’s unofficial, but widely known Houston. It’s Worth It campaign, the only effort to even semi-successfully craft an identity for Houston since the old “Space City” era.

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