Michael Bise: Life On the List, Chapter 3

by Michael Bise February 10, 2013

Last month marked the one year anniversary of my heart transplant. This chapter, and indeed, this entire comic is dedicated to all the many people in the art community in Houston and beyond who helped me through this experience. Thank you so much.

[Read Chapter 1 here and Chapter 2 here. Click the image below to view as a larger slideshow.]

LOTL Chapter 3-pg 1LOTL Chapter 2-pg 2LOTL Chapte 3-pg 3

LOTL Chapter 3-pg 4LOTL Chapter 3-pg 5LOTL Chapter 3-pg 6 LOTL Chapter 3-pg 7

LOTL Chapter 3-pg 8LOTL Chapter 3-pg 9

Michael Bise is an artist living in Houston. He has chosen 2013 as the year he has decided to leave the 19th century. He gave up his flip phone on Christmas and can be found at michaelbise.com or on Facebook.


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would rather a Russell February 10, 2013 - 12:05

The professional standing of doctors and lawyers can be safely deduced from the size of their Remington bronzes. But make sure to tap with fingernail to check for ceramic.

Also, as an Irish man with big toes I sympathize. I had a lady friend tell me once that I was ‘small enough for the back door.’ Gee, thanks. Of course that pales in comparison to your plight (I’m talking about the fanny pack). Rooting for you, anyhow. I’ll be celebrating this valentine’s with my cat and counting my blessings.

Loli Fernandez (-A Kolber) February 11, 2013 - 10:44

Happy Valentine, and speechless


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