Simek Unravels Dallas Contemporary’s Ebay Blooper in D Magazine

by Bill Davenport January 24, 2013

dallas contemporary 2Peter Simek gets to the bottom of the Dallas Contemporary’s scandalously cheap eBay art sales in D Magazine. Calling the fiasco, in which the Contempoary sold off a few dozen prints for as little as $15, the result of a “disconnect,” DC Director Peter Doroshenko issued an apology and has returned the remainder of its unsold prints to the artists who donated them.

Dallas gallerist Talley Dunn, who purchased several of the pieces, was horrified not only at the low prices, but also the lowbrow marketplace. According to Simek, “She said that some artists wouldn’t sell their work on eBay at any price. “They don’t sell their work on eBay, even at $50,000,” Dunn said. “That’s not what anybody does.”

Artist Vernon Fisher took a more tolerant view: “I’ve been around a long time and nothing much surprises me anymore,” Fisher said. “They look like clowns, let’s face it. The upside is the guy apologized and promised to return the prints.”

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