Heritage’s Modern and Contemporary Art Signature Auction

by Lucia Simek October 21, 2012

ROY LICHTENSTEIN (American, 1923-1997). Sunrise; Sunset (two works), 1964. Ink and graphite on paper. Each: 21 x 30 inches

So it’s a mad-crazy art weekend here in Dallas, let me tell you, if the droves of sleek black cars and idle chauffeurs loitering outside art institutions, hotels and private homes didn’t give it away. Both the DMA and Nasher launched new shows this weekend, both by remarkable female artists that hail from the UK, Karla Black and Eva Rothschild. The Power Station opened Niklolas Gambaroff’s exhibit, I am Real Estate with the Station’s usual bar-raising and generous egalitarian fanfare. And then there was the 2×2 auction last night, which is the hive all the art bees swarm to enter.

Another auction is going on this weekend too — Heritage Auction’s Modern and Contemporary Signature Auction, with art offerings from Picasso to Ann Hamilton. And you can actually go look at these things in person in Hertiage’s preview space down in the Design District until the live auction, which take place Tuesday at 10 am.

WILLEM DE KOONING (American, 1904-1997). Untitled (Bather I), 1971. Lithograph with pastel marks

CLAES OLDENBURG (American, b. 1929), Sausage-end and sandwich, Samos, Paris, 1964/1972, Color offset lithograph with transparent acetate sheet, 6 x 4 inches (15.2 x 10.2 cm)
Ed. 26/100

RICHARD ARTSCHWAGER (American, b. 1923). Intersect, 1992. Etching. 25-3/4 x 26-3/4 inches (65.4 x 67.9 cm). Ed. A.P.

There are some serious gems in the mix here, folks, and things that are really attainable for the new collector, including you, kid, who wants to own art, like, I dunno, a whacky little Claus Oldenburg print for around $600; or you, obsessed dog-lover, who needs a Richard Archwager for $400. Then there are the lovely and timeless things, like a mother and child drawing by Kathy Kollwitz or a portrait by Jacques Villon. And then there is the promo work for the Auction, Roy Lichtenstein’s Sunrise; Sunset (two works) duo of prints, which, given the buzz about that artist’s recovered long-lost Electric Cord painting this past week, would be a clever snatch. (Plus it’s damn good-looking.)

Check out this stuff in person before the auction Tuesday one way or another — via chauffeured black Audi or dented grey Mazda (that’ll be me), and maybe throw your name in the hat for keeping one.

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