HAA Individual Artist Grants Spread $185,000 Among 22 Houston Artists

by Bill Davenport May 12, 2012

Twenty-two Houston artists recently received individual artist grants from the Houston Arts Alliance:  Regina Agu; Kristine Mills Borisewitz; Teresa Chapman; Jade Cooper; Rebecca French; Ashley Horn; Charlotte Kennedy; Alex Luster; Ayanna Jolivet McCloud; Jerry D. Ochoa; John Pluecker; Britt Ragsdale; Robin Reagler; Erin Reck; Andre Sam-Sin; Carrie Schneider; Soody Sharifi; Emily Sloan; Kelly Switzer; Patrick Turk; Michelle Yom and Gwendolyn Zepeda.

Funded by hotel occupantcy taxes, the artists will recieve either $5000 or $10,000 (up from  $3000 and $7500 in 2011) to produce works that are available to the public as performances, exhibitions and objects that (the theory goes) help make Houston a tourist destination, filling the hotels that foot the bill. By a happy coincidence, the grants indirectly support a vital community of working artists to surprise, inform, amuse and infuriate us; something every half-decent city needs.


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Joseph R. Wilson May 14, 2012 - 10:59

It is more than a “theory” that the works supported by the Hotel Occupancy Tax must be marketed or promoted in such a way as to serve the hotel, convention and tourist industry. This is part of a state law which allows for the collection of the Hotel Occupancy Tax. That is why it has been a requirement of those who receive the funds demonstrate how they are promoting or marketing their event or product to meet that requirement.

Joe Wilson,
Former Director of Grants, Houston Arts Alliance
President, Texans for the Arts

Alyce Armstrong May 14, 2012 - 14:34

I would like to participate in this event. Please forward me more information to enter my art.


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