Performers Thank God for Doris Duke: New Initiative to Grant (Another) $50 Million Over 10 Years

by Bill Davenport December 20, 2011

Doris Duke

As a part of its new $50 million Performing Artsits Initiative, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is teaming up with Creative Capital to hand out 200 grants to performing artists. 100 individual artists, dance companies, theaters and presenters will receive big “leading artist” grants of up to $275,000, unrestricted, and not based on specific projects; another 100 “Arts Fellowships” will merely get up to $80,000. But don’t bother applying: the selection is to be made via peer recommendations and review panels. The money is from the Duke Foundation, Creative Capital will supply it’s expertise in managing the artists in order to maximize the grants’ effectiveness in fostering long-term exploration and research, needs typically unmet by traditional project-based support.

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