Pillsbury Contemporary Art Collection on the Heritage Auction Block in Dallas October 26

by Bill Davenport September 29, 2011


Including El Franco Lee II's Superdome, 2006

Heritage Auctions, “The World’s Third Largest Auction house” will sell off more than 250 modern and contemporary artworks that once belonged to Dr. Edmund “Ted” Pillsbury, Dallas art dealer and intrepid scrounger of surprisingly wonderful things for the Kimbell Art Museum on October 26. The sale will take place at Heritage’s Design District Art Annex, 1518 Slocum Street in Dallas. From 2005 until his death in 2010, Pillsbury was Director of Museum Services and Chairman of the Department of Fine Arts at Heritage Auctions.


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Janet Tyson September 29, 2011 - 18:06

Why does this seem tawdry and sad?

Mary Mikel Stump September 30, 2011 - 09:41

because it is. ick.

Janet Tyson September 29, 2011 - 18:47

Even sadder: visited the auction site and found two things of mine that Ted bought about 15 years ago. Along with works by several other North Texas artists, including Steve Price, Sedrick Huckaby, Robert McAn and Chris Powell. Funny thing is, there’s nothing stylistically or conceptually about the works overall that ties them together. I think a lot of it was knowing people and wanting to show support.


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