Carolyn Sortor’s Big Fat Video Wedding Saturday: Dallas Cremistress Makes a Spectacle of Herself

by Bill Davenport September 15, 2011

Dallas video artist and curator Carolyn Sortor is getting married Saturday, and her fiancé Ben’s wedding present to Carolyn is to let her make an art project out of it. A real wedding will take place at the main event, but it’s been designed also to function as art. Guests a/participants are asked to wear white or very pale colors, and everyone with access to a bride’s dress is invited to wear it, too.

Of course, video abounds: projected behind the minister, and onto the backs of the audience (you!), and a new piece shot of the whole shebang. The wedding/performance/screening will take place Saturday, September 17 at 8pm, in the parking lot behind and next to the blue building at 337 Singleton Blvd., Dallas. The wedding performance is expected to take about an hour.

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tom sale September 15, 2011 - 14:44

I hear that Pinky Diablo is the preacher. Heaven help us!


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