My Monkey + Parrot Beats Your Black Cat: Kahlo Portrait Coming to Houston as MFAH and Malba Celebrate 10th Birthdays with Latin American Art Swap

by Bill Davenport September 1, 2011

The Latin American Art Department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and Malba – FundaciónCostantini, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires , Argentina, were both established in 2001 and will now celebrate their 10-year anniversaries together, with several exhibitions and events planned to mark the occasion. This September, 14 loans from the MFAH permanent collection will travel to Buenos Aires for exhibition at Malba, along with the retrospective featuring the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez. Coinciding with the September 21 openings, Malba will host a three-day international symposium: “Latin American Art: Ten Years of Changes, Perspectives and Projects.”

Next April, Malba will  send 30 paintings from its permanent collection to the MFAH, the first loan of works from Malba’s permanent collection to a foreign museum. Among them, Frida Kahlo’s 1942 Self Portrait with Parrot and Monkey, which one-ups UT’s Self Potrait with Thorn Necklace for exoticism: the UT portrait features Kahlo, a monkey and plain old witchy black cat.  See for yourself: UT’s Kahlo recently returned from a 19-year road trip and will be on display until January 3.

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