Underwater iceberg tour: Amon Carter’s collection now online!

by Bill Davenport July 20, 2011

Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum, always free to the public, just got freer. A $50,000 grant from the NEA in 2009 is bearing fruit in a new online database of 7500 of the Carter’s treasures. Although not nearly as easy to browse as most porn thumbnail sites, the images are infinitely more varied and entertaining: gems like George Catlin’s Wounded Buffalo Bull, which might never see the light of day otherwise, are suddenly part of our meta-cyber consciousness. With 250,000 works in its vaults, the online project lets us see the underwater parts of the iceberg. The museum has finished digitizing its works on paper, and is starting in on its 25,000 photographs; they expect those to be finished next summer.

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