$2000 Glasstire Virtual Residency goes begging: editors in panic announce media blitz

by Bill Davenport July 14, 2011

Despite a $2000 award, despite resume-building new-media cachet, despite the popularity of past residents‘ online projects, the storied connectedness of the social media continuum has failed so far to draw ambitious artists to apply for Glasstire’s 2011 Virtual Residency. “Okay folks, so far we have ONE, count ’em, ONE virtual residency application!” squawked Glasstire Editor Kelly Klaasmeyer in an internal email calling for a renewed effort to get the word out. The award, given for the production of a web-based art project is open to all Texas artists over 18, who need only describe their proposed project, and send in a few work samples! Austin sound artist Abinadi Meza and Houston virtualist Brian Piana are the jurors for the 2011 residency.

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