Similar but Different #15: Ladies aren’t Ladies without Pink

by Margaret Meehan April 7, 2011

I like pink because it is bubble gum and blisters. It is the color of innocence. I also like pink because it’s a dirty white tinged with flesh or blood. This pink is anything but innocent.

Maybe it’s the sudden rush of Spring or the immense amounts of pollen in the air but I seem to be daydreaming about the color pink a lot lately. I’m thinking in images and not too confident with my words. So until the words return let me present Similar but Different #15: Ladies aren’t Ladies without Pink. Like daydreaming this post will take time so find yourself a moment on a grassy sunlit knoll and come be with me “in the pink”.

Looking at this video made me think of this and then…

Roni Horn- Pink Tons

Franz West

which lead to me watching this…


followed by humming this, while thinking about that, this, this and that!


Louise Bourgeois- Nature Study


GELITIN- Hase/Rabbit/Coniglio


which lead to her, HER …

Judith Page- Annette (After Abu Ghraib)


Nathalie Djurberg- Because it is wonderful to live


The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

and THEM (make sure to click this link)…

and finally brought back fond memories of she…

If you’d like to bring this blog back to the written word and look at a few more images while you are at it, then I suggest you get a copy of this:

Pink: The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art

A book featuring works by over fifty international artists, as well as numerous everyday objects and essays that ruminate over all things pink.


1 comment

1 comment

Judith Page April 9, 2011 - 08:22


Thanks for including my work in your wonderful visual essay on pink.

All the best, Judith


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