Similar but Different…

by Margaret Meehan April 21, 2010



UP LIKE TOAST was my pseudo secret blog for the past 2 years that I filled with research,
interests, art, openings, reviews and articles, videos, etc.
generally all things of interest to me. Just another list in my life of lists.
It was a virtual sketchbook of sorts.

Sometimes it allowed
comments, most times it did not. I still have no understanding of how to see
whom or how many have visited the site, and my name wasn’t officially posted
anywhere. What I really enjoyed was the anonymity. The fact that it was
something people stumbled on and enjoyed or didn’t… and I never really knew
either way. Occasionally close friends would reference something I’d posted as
if we’d actually had a conversation. I liked this approach to sharing and tie
to my shy girl roots.

Well Glasstire
figured out I was behind the posts and invited me to start blogging for them.
I’ve hesitantly accepted the challenge hoping to grow past my own comfort
zones, create an actual exchange, and to show more people the great things and
fabulous community I’ve found in Fort Worth, Dallas, and the state of Texas in

MELBA TOAST will be a very
dry, crisp and thinly sliced version of UP LIKE TOAST. A favorite category
that I will continue to use was something I call “Similar but Different”. A perfect
first post I think from old blog to new… Last weekend I gave a tour for the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s Sunday’s with Andy where I quoted from his various relationships, so in that tradition and to start our
budding friendship I present:
Warhol and Basquiat, Tony and Silvio, Luke and

Feel free to watch with
soup and salad or top with either melted cheese or pâté. Enjoy!



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