“Sho” at Meadows

by Chris Jagers December 29, 2009

"Sho" is the name of the new sculpture in the Meadows Museum Plaza, consisting of a large wire-frame head. I had seen images of this promoted around town, but had no idea how large and impressive it is in person. While the form is barely a head, it unifies the vast (empty) surroundings in a powerful way. The head ends up "containing" the backround. Whether it be a tree,
building, door or something else, the head appears to contain the
background like a thought.
The wireframe mesh dances optically as one moves around the form, and the wire can appear various shades of grey depending on the the available light. While the form by itself is nothing special, it creates a powerful effect because of the size and material choices. Had the form been more detailed, it would trump the background. Had the grid been verticle, it would collapse with the background. And so on.
This is a very pleasant surprise and worth a trip. Inside the museum is a mini show dedicated to the making of the sculpture.



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