Zoya Tommy Contemporary

Zoya Tommy Contemporary



4102 Fannin St.

Houston, TX 77004




A group-exhibition of monochrome art focusing on the symbiotic relationship between black and white. Artists include: Tony Cragg, Marlene Dumas, Angela Kallus, Guus Kemp, Lindsey Nobel, Julon...

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Kay Tasuji: Connected

An exhibition of drawings inspired by the artist’s Middle Eastern background.

2016-Open Your Eyes

A show featuring “quirky sculptures by Rachel Fisher, colorful compositions by Eric Ockrassa, narrative sculptures by Margaret McMillan and provocative portraits by Angel Castelán.”

Guus Kemp: Paint, Toys and Bubble Gum

An exhibition of abstract paintings by artist Guus Kemp. “The paintings, some of which incorporate real toys, inspire a sensation of playfulness and spirit that continues...

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Earl Staley: Follies

An exhibition of abstract and representational paintings. Combining the landscapes of Santa Fe and Texas, Staley communicates his memories and dreams of nature.

New Work

A group exhibition featuring new work by artists Ibsen Espada, Felipe Lopez, Whitney Oldenberg, Mark Perry, Julon Pinkston, Eric Sall, Earl Staley, and Marco Villegas.

Kamila Szczesna and Gil Rocha: Twist

This exhibition brings together two artists with existential concerns and playful use of material and form–Galveston-based Kamila Szczesna and Laredo-based Gil Rocha.

Julon Pinkston: Nailed

In Pinkston’s current work, he creates impasto paintings along with paint made to look and feel like ubiquitous objects relating to his studio practice—duct tape,...

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Earl Staley: The Resolution of Doubt

He’s been making work for over 50 years, but this show presents Earl Staley’s recent paintings, made since his reappearance in the Houston area.

Show Up

Group show: Guus Kemp, Charles Krafft, Lester Marks, B. Moody, Julon Pinkston, Gil Rocha, Katie Pell, Antonia Richardson and Peter Zelle.


Prints by Penny Cerling (pictured) and Marco Villegas, part of PrintHouston 2014.

The Tacos Are Here: Gil Rocha

Images of outer space and the possibilities other planets or galaxies have always captured Rocha’s imagination.  

Ushio Shinohara

Hurry, it’s a ‘pop up’ exhibition and won’t be here long!  

Lauren Kelley: Puce Parade

Zoya Tommy Contemporary presents Houston-based artist Lauren Kelley in her first solo exhibition with the gallery titled Puce Parade.

Summer Breeze

Zoya Tommy Contemporary presents three  artists; Danville Chadbourne, Mark Perry and Alex Shinohara.

Anastasia Pelias: Ritual Devotion

Zoya Tommy Contemporary Gallery presents Ritual Devotion, paintings by Anastasia Pelias. Pelias creates abstract paintings that are rooted in her dual cultural ancestry of  New Orleans...

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Guus Kemp: Premier Cru

Paintings by Houston-based artist Guus Kemp, who moved to Houston in 2000 with a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Amsterdam.

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