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Nancy Schiesari: Canine Soldiers

A sneak preview screening of Canine Soldiers, a powerful documentary that explores the intimate bond between soldier handlers and their military working dogs. Limited seating, […]

Akiko Kotani: Soft Walls

Akiko Kotani is a Hawaii native who is currently based in Pittsburg, where her delicate installations won her the Artist of the Year award at […]

Leslie Wilkes: Optic Verve

Wilkes’s geometric paintings are based on graphic design patterns from the 1960’s. Her use of symmetrical arrangements and unexpected color combinations create simulations of kaleidoscopic […]

Kelly O'Connor: Last Resort

O’Connor appropriates idealized American landscapes to suggest how nostalgia, fantasy, and pop culture influence our perceptions. A huge, geodesic dome will create a surreal cave […]

Wendy Wagner: Look to the Left

Wendy Wagner creates a distinctive make-believe “Wendy World” world using painting, drawing, ceramic, soft sculpture and animation, embracing youthful innocence.

Lauren Kelley: True Falsetto

Lauren Kelley’s absurd, jittery and endearing animated narratives tinkering with ideals of youth, race and place.

Collector's Panel Discussion and Art Talk

A happy hour and panel discussion with art collectors Becky Beaver, Gilberto Cardenas, and Mary Evelyn Daughety, who will share their passion for art.

Ann Wood: Violent Delights

Sculptural animals are frozen in a moment of ultimate humiliation, covered with what appears to be frosting, flowers, and bows.

jpg jam

An entertaining look at the art of our time. 4 artists – 15 minutes each: Sally Weber, Ben Aqua, Terri Thomas, and Hector Hernandez.

Laurie Frick: Quantify Me

Frick hand-builds rhythmic works and installations from modest materials that stimulate the neural processing of memory. Recycled cardboard, hand towels, junk mail, gallery cards, old […]

Jasmyne Graybill: Home Sweet Home

Graybill invents and sculpts fictional organisms that graft onto manufactured domestic objects and infest the nooks and crannies of their “host” architectural spaces.

Checklist for The Post Racial-ist

Is it possible that we have, in fact, entered a post-racial era? A conversation with artist Lauren Woods, joined by UT performance art scholar Omi […]

Lauren Woods: Notes of a Native Daughter

Part historian, part archivist, part sociologist, Lauren Woods collects “videographic texts,” using snippets from Hollywood cinema, pop culture, and history to comment on race, gender, […]

Lupita Murillo Tinnen: American DREAM

Women & Their Work presents the exhibition American DREAM, which explores the Mexican immigrant and undocumented community through photography by Lupita Murillo Tinnen. In this […]

Virginia Yount: Unsustainable Attainment

Women and Their Work present Austin based artist Virginia Yount in the exhibition Unsustainable Attainment. Through her paintings, collages, and sculptures, Yount depicts a near-future […]

15th Annual Red Dot Art Spree

At the 15th Annual Red Dot Art Spree choose from a selection of 220 works by artists from Texas and beyond, all priced at $500 […]

Karen Mahaffy: Persistence of Moment

Karen Mahaffy creates video, sculptural and drawn works in her new exhibition, Persistence of Moment, at Women and Their Work. Mahaffy’s ephemeral time-based video works […]

Leah DeVun: Our Hands on Each Other

Leah DeVun‘s exhibition Our Hands on Each Other features her photographic series which draws its title from a quotation from Lesbian Land, a book of […]

The Mona Lisa Project

Women and Their Work presents a panel and public discussion on The Mona Lisa Project by photographer Rino Pizzi. Pizzi and artists Connie Arismendi, Ellen […]

Marina Zurkow: Slurb

Marina Zurkow‘s colorful cast of characters inhabit a drowned world in her new exhibition at Women & Their Work. In Slurb, a single channel video, […]

Kia Neill: Terrain

Following up her jewel encrusted cave installation in Geode at DiverseWorks, Kia Neill constructs a brand new environment at Women & Their Work. LED lights […]

My Wicked Twisted Sense of Love

My Wicked Twisted Sense of Love features works on paper, videos, sounds and mixed media installations by Luis Carlos Hurtado, Laura Ann Meyers, Gabriela Rodriguez […]