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Women & Their Work


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Gail Chovan: No Trace of Now Will Remain

Women & Their Work

January 20 - March 1, 2018

"Inspired by the writings of Rimbaud and Victorian mourning attire, Gail Chovan gives exaggerated form to the long deceased by adorning apparitions in hyper-stylized garments and accessories from the past. In the exhibition, Chovan uses fragments and fabrication to enshroud memories, gives form to absence and celebrates remnants as potent vehicles for resuscitation."


Denise Prince: Object Lessons

“In large paintings, photographs, performance, and a 16mm film, Denise Prince seeks to lay bare the outsized role that fantasy plays in the construction of...

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Laura Lit: Where You End and I Begin

From the gallery: “In her exhibition, Where You End and I Begin, Laura Lit creates portraits that capture the likeness, specific expression, and telling moments...

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Abby Bagby: Kingdom

An exhibition of new wearable hair sculptures by Abby Bagby. The pieces in the exhibition question “societal and personal understandings of feminism, ambition, and beauty through...

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Liz Rodda: Heat Loss

An exhibition of video works by Austin-based artist Liz Rodda. The pieces in the show source clips from YouTube and introduce voice-overs that attempt to “reframe the images...

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Calder Kamin: Plastic Planet

For Plastic Planet, Calder Kamin has created sculptures of animals using repurposed plastic bags. Additionally, through the run of the show, Kamin will lead educational programs in that...

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Ann Johnson: Converse: Real Talk

An exhibition of prints, text, and found objects by Ann Johnson. Converse: Real Talk invites audiences to discuss real issues such as issues in the town of...

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Abhidnya Ghuge: Paper Plate Perspicacity

An exhibition of works by Abhidnya Ghuge. Manipulating henna patterning, Ghuge transforms woodblock prints into structures that immerse and consume the viewer.

Kira Lynn Harris: Glittering Dystopias

An exhibition of new, site specific drawings and installations by New York-based artist Kira Lynn Harris examining visual representations of the city in contemporary culture.

Hollis Hammonds: Blanket of Fog

An exhibition of drawings and found object installations by artist Hollis Hammonds–accumulations of imagery comprising both reconstructed personal memory and manufactured fantasy.

Nancy Schiesari: Canine Soldiers

A sneak preview screening of Canine Soldiers, a powerful documentary that explores the intimate bond between soldier handlers and their military working dogs. Limited seating,...

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Akiko Kotani: Soft Walls

Akiko Kotani is a Hawaii native who is currently based in Pittsburg, where her delicate installations won her the Artist of the Year award at...

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Leslie Wilkes: Optic Verve

Wilkes’s geometric paintings are based on graphic design patterns from the 1960’s. Her use of symmetrical arrangements and unexpected color combinations create simulations of kaleidoscopic...

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Kelly O'Connor: Last Resort

O’Connor appropriates idealized American landscapes to suggest how nostalgia, fantasy, and pop culture influence our perceptions. A huge, geodesic dome will create a surreal cave...

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Wendy Wagner: Look to the Left

Wendy Wagner creates a distinctive make-believe “Wendy World” world using painting, drawing, ceramic, soft sculpture and animation, embracing youthful innocence.

Lauren Kelley: True Falsetto

Lauren Kelley’s absurd, jittery and endearing animated narratives tinkering with ideals of youth, race and place.

Collector's Panel Discussion and Art Talk

A happy hour and panel discussion with art collectors Becky Beaver, Gilberto Cardenas, and Mary Evelyn Daughety, who will share their passion for art.

Ann Wood: Violent Delights

Sculptural animals are frozen in a moment of ultimate humiliation, covered with what appears to be frosting, flowers, and bows.

jpg jam

An entertaining look at the art of our time. 4 artists – 15 minutes each: Sally Weber, Ben Aqua, Terri Thomas, and Hector Hernandez.

Laurie Frick: Quantify Me

Frick hand-builds rhythmic works and installations from modest materials that stimulate the neural processing of memory. Recycled cardboard, hand towels, junk mail, gallery cards, old...

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Jasmyne Graybill: Home Sweet Home

Graybill invents and sculpts fictional organisms that graft onto manufactured domestic objects and infest the nooks and crannies of their “host” architectural spaces.

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