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Susi Brister: Fables

Women and Their Work

November 13 - January 15, 2015

Brister’s organic and staged photographs question the nature of sculpture, performance, and portraiture. Both humorous and melancholic, these images emphasize the gap between the natural world and its synthetic imitations.


Emily Fleischer: Astro-Turf

Scale model grass and trees tumble forth from familiar objects: a forest resides within a soap dispenser or a tube of toothpaste.

Danielle Georgiou: #hashtag

 Georgiou’s videos and photographs exploit and explore femininity and a desire to document beauty. They investigate the psychological effect of pop culture and social media […]

Yuliya Lanina: Arcadian Rhapsody

Lanina employs surreal imagery to elicit feelings of uneasiness and empathy. She paints and collages characters that come to life through mechanization, animation, and music.

Leigh Merrill: Still

Leigh Merrill digitally constructs prints and videos of imaginary but familiar places. Dallas based artist Leigh Merrill will speak at the opening.  

Stop & Go 3-D Screening

Women and their Work present the third installment of Stop & Go, a touring screening series in which established filmmakers and visual artists unveil their […]

Erika Blumenfeld: Water, water, every where ...

Erika Blumenfeld creates a new installation inspired by her Wildfire series, that incorporates photographs, charred debris collected from recent wildfires across the Southwest, desert sand, […]

Erika Blumenfeld: Water, water, every where

During Erika Blumenfeld’s residency in Antarctica she initiated her work The Polar Project, documenting the atmospheric phenomena that occur on the ice continent, from the […]

Monica Vidal: Falling Hive

    Falling Hive is a huge tent-inspired communal space based on a childhood dream that Monica Vidal had of a world saturated in blue. […]