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Fatima Ronquillo: Possession

An exhibition of work by painter Fatima Ronquillo, whose unusual portraits combine a traditional,  neoclassical style of painting with odd, often funny imagery–children in military […]

Patrick Puckett

Large paintings and works on paper by Austin-based artist, Patrick Puckett.

Gordon Fowler: Impressions of the Annandale

Austin artist Gordon Fowler is known for his impressionist landscape paintings of Texas and Mexico. The work in this show was painted during time spent […]

Joyce Howell: Solo Show

Colorful abstract paintings inspired by nature and the action of the Colorado River.

Elizabeth Chapin

Austin painter Elizabeth Chapin is a native of Mississippi, and her hard edged portraits are infused with a sense of Southern nostalgia.This is her first […]

Tracey Harris

Darkly comic paintings of domestic settings and scantily clad babes in aprons. Hard to say from a jpeg whether Tracey Harris can paint, but her […]

Andy Dixon: Pleasure Studies II

Currently working out of Vancouver, Dixon’s work contrasts refined subject matter with a coarse application of materials. His marks, inspired by Cy Twombly, come together […]

Janel Jefferson

Jefferson’s work examines black American ancestry from the 1800’s to the present.

Jane Radstrom: Multitudes

Wally Workman Gallery will open its first solo show with Austin painter Jane Radstrom. Radstrom’s work walks the line between pinup and portrait.

Stella Alesi

Wally Workman Gallery opens its first solo show with Stella Alesi. She uses the mandala form in her work as a dharana, or single point […]

Patrick Puckett

Wally Workman Gallery presents its first solo exhibition with Patrick Puckett.

Ian Shults: Party Animals

Wally Workman Gallery presents the third solo exhibition by Ian Shults whose paintings address debauchery and subversive behavior.

Fatima Ronquillo: Private Revolution

A celebration of the various private revolutions that her imagined personages launch: rebellions against indifferent beloveds, oppressive thoughts, and real or perceived injuries.

Tracey Harris

Luminous hyper-real images juxtaposing common objects against classically rendered nudes.

Jan Heaton: line / form / color

Watercolors are known for their translucent, graceful layering. The concept for these works began three years ago with an early morning discovery of tiny moving […]

Angie Renfro

Wistful paintings with stark subject matter like factories, weeds, and ships at sea, describe the strange gracefulness of being alone.

Anne Siems

Figures hover in transparent lace costumes amid pastoral scenes adorned with botanical and faunal companions.

Priscilla Robinson

Robinson is a pioneer in the revival of handmade paper.

100 Degrees

50 artists will create pieces that reflect the hot Texas summer.

Gordon Fowler

Landscapes of Texas and Mexico by Austin Impressionist Gordon Fowler.

Ellen Heck: Variations

Austin native Ellen Heck studied philosophy at Brown University and lives in Berkeley, CA. as an Artist-In-Residence at the Kala Art Institute.

New Works by America Martin

Decorative work evoking early modern art by a Los Angeles based artist who has a very professionally put-together artist website.

Ian Shults: New Works

Vintage reprobates and swingers, all mid-century seersucker and clandestine hanky-panky, rendered in stunning acrylics by Austin painter Ian Shults.

Will Klemm: Over the Years

A retrospective of Austin artist Will Klemm, who has shown his work nationally since 1993 and is a veteran of over forty one-man exhibitions. The […]

After Dark

A group show of gallery artists, each challenged to create one or more pieces inspired by the title.

Joyce Howell

Wally Workman’s first solo show with Kingsland, TX oil painter Joyce Howell.

Fatima Ronquillo | Devotion

Ronquillo’s stiff narrative paintings delve into the mysterious and alluring world of Lover’s Eyes, Georgian miniatures depicting the eye of a loved one, usually commissioned […]