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In To Form: Philip John Evett

Phillip John Evett is a British gentleman and fine artist who currently resides and works in Blanco, Texas. He creates figurative and abstracted forms.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Things That Make You Go Hmmm is a group exhibition organized by Raul Gonzalez. Four artists, Roberto Celis, Raul Gonzalez, Lee Peterson and Nico Whittaker...

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Jamie Garrison: Splice

Garrison splices technological mechanisms with biological life forms, creating hybrid creatures for her MFA Thesis show.

Borrowed People | Constructed Places

Anne Leighton Massoni, Libby Rowe, and Kris Sanford explore the creation of identity utilizing appropriated familial and found imagery.

Benjamin H. McVey: Permutation

Chair-like objects acting as both three-dimensional drawings and stand-ins for the figure and text-based works that play with the context of language and its ownership.

Julie Ledet: Repetition & Ritual

A self-initiated healing process, resembling rituals from Southern Louisiana culture, exposes the spectrum of emotions, rituals, and repetitious behaviors derived from obsessive compulsive tendencies, and...

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Delicate Sensibilities

Works by KC Collins, Lee Littlefield, Carly Silverman, Corey Stein; curated by Casey Arguelles Gregory

Mat Kubo: It’s All Going Back

Mat Kubo’s thesis show documents his interactions with store-bought objects which are then returned to their original retail locations containing documentation and contact information.

Joe Harjo: Indians for Sale

Harjo’s MFA thesis exhibition and includes sculpture, ceramics, installation, photographs and performance prints, with narratives of perception, misinformed stereotypes, false imagery, representation and identity, and...

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Alexander Comminos: Filling The Void

Comminos specializes in large-scale sculpture, painting and woodworking, and is pursuing his MFA from UTSA. This is his thesis exhibition.

Sang-Mi Yoo: Anomalous Traces

Laser-cut felt and large format offset lithographs based on Sang-Mi Yoo’s ongoing project, New Village, that reflects her childhood memories of standardized residential buildings.

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