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UTSA Art Collection: Texas Contemporary Artist Series

A group exhibition featuring: Luis Valderas, Leigh Anne Lester, Carmen Oliver, Henry Cardenas, Luis M. Garza, Rex Hausmann, Henry Catenacci, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Ana Fernandez, Luisa Wheeler, Pepe Serna and Lauren Browning. Exhibition Curator: Arturo Infante Almeida. 

Pepe Serna: Texas Contemporary Artist Series

In his series, La Mona Risa, artist and actor Pepe Serna reimagines the iconic smile of Leonardo’s masterpiece using a kaleidoscopic spectrum of color, shape […]


Curated by Arturo Infante Almeida

Ana Fernandez

Curated by Arturo Infante Almeida, art specialist and curator of the UTSA Art Collection, the exhibition is part of Institute’s Texas Contemporary Artists Series.

Franco Mondini-Ruiz

Part of UTSA’s Texas Contemporary Artists Series curated by Arturo Infante Almeida.

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