University of Houston, MD Anderson Library

University of Houston, MD Anderson Library


114 University Libraries

Houston, TX 77204


CamLab: Reguarding Room

University of Houston, MD Anderson Library

April 10 - June 30, 2018

"CamLab is the eleven-year collaborative art practice of Anna Mayer and Jemima Wyman. CamLab’s feminist and collective practice models a horizontal and intimate relationship, which they believe is necessary in a culture that tends to devalue compassion, communal concerns, the mental health of women, and radical care.""For Reguarding Room, CamLab facilitated on-campus workshops at UH, at which participants remade feminist works of art from history about rape and sexual assault, in miniature. With contributions from UH students as well as members of the Houston public at large, the exhibition makes visible various kinds of labor, from the work of artists whose paintings, sculptures, performances, and installations are being reproduced, to that of the workshop attendees who painstakingly study the originals in order to capture their spirit, to the work of all who experience or witness violence and attempt to keep it in the realm of the visible."


Oral History Workshop

Join Mary Manning, University of Houston archivist and curator of performing and visual arts at the school’s special collections, for an oral history workshop.

Reception for DiverseWorks Archives

A reception in recognition of the donation of DiverseWorks Records to UH Libraries’ Special Collections. The archive, which contains a wealth of information spanning DiverseWorks’ history starting...

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Shrimp Boat Projects: Poetry and Prose

Part of an ongoing reading series presented by the University of Houston Libraries and Creative Writing Program, Shrimp Boat Projects presents local authors that delve...

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