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John Forse: Myn Welcome

Drawing and sculpture by Forse, a 2014 MFA candidate. The exhibition explores the notion of the uncanny and satire while addressing cultural politics.


The current graduate painting students have created some of the most hideous, gruesome and terrifying things you’ve ever seen this month. We’re not saying you’ll […]

Carrie Cook: NNNNOOOOOO, Project Gallery Paintings

Carrie Cook, 2013 MFA Candidate at University of Houston, presents NNNNOOOOOO: Project Gallery Paintings. Cook’s paintings investigate the intersection of painted space and actual physical […]

Hana Shoup: Portraits

The UH fourth floor Project Gallery presents Portraits, the thesis exhibition of MFA candidate Hana Shoup. Be sure to support the up-and-comers, there are lots […]

Frances Trotter: Huuugzzz

Frances Trotter’s exhibition Huuugzzz focuses on her most recent paintings, drawings and multimedia works, based on animated pop culture mixed with the timely idea of […]

Jeremy DePrez: syntaxerrors

The UH Project Gallery features works by Jeremy DePrez in the exhibition syntaxerrors. We are not sure what to expect but the show is said […]

Charlie Morris: running into walls

Charlie Morris shows three sculptural and photographic installations in the Projects Gallery at The University of Houston’s Fine Arts Building. One of the works exhibited […]

Peter Precourt- Katrina Chronicles: Origins

Katrina Chronicles: Origins is the artist’s reflections on the events leading up to his experience with Hurricane Katrina while living in Coastal Mississippi. The series […]

Kelli Vance: Surface

U of H MFA painting candidate Kelli Vance‘s final thesis project. Look out for the group MFA show in April.

Ann Marie Nafziger: Thicket

U of H MFA painting candidate Ann Marie Nafziger’s final thesis project. Look out for the group MFA show in April.

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