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Re-enchant the Moment

In the hands of these artists car parts become mirages, golf clubs are fetishized, and a home become a funhouse. Curated by Mark Ponder featuring Jonathan Armistead, […]

Katie Pell: Charming Are Your Unformed Wishes

Unit B (Gallery) presents Katie Pell: Charming Are Your Unformed Wishes. For this exhibition, San Antonio based artist Katie Pell creates a large sculptural charm […]

Ethel Shipton: Moments

For two years, Shipton has kept a list of thoughts and/or images throughout the day on scraps of paper in her wallet so she always […]

Kristy Perez: Once My Dark Was Cool

Skull and bone drawings by San Antonio sculptor Kristy Perez, made in response to an illness that left her bedridden for most of the year.

Haunted House of Pancakes

This year, Damon Bishop’s International Pancake Film Festival returns to San Antonio for the third and perhaps spookiest time, with the Haunted House of Pancakes. […]

Justin Parr: Tesseract

Justin Parr melds photography and glassblowing to creat macro photographs of worlds frozen in time. Please bring a camera.

What is a curator?

Guest Curator, Chad Dawkins asked 75 artists, critics, curators and collectors, “what is a curator?” via email, and made this exhibition.

Más Rudas: Más Triste San Antonio

Mas Rudas is Mari Hernandez, Kristin Gamez, Cristina Ordoñez, Sarah Castillo y Ruth Buentello. Their exhibition will explore the effects of a city that caters […]

Michele Monseau: Elephant in the Room

“Elephant in the room is about reverence, melancholy, celebration, and feedback loops. The mind and the spirit come up with ways to fill empty space […]

Richie Budd: All I Have to Give

All I Have to Give is a series of the artist’s four extracted wisdom teeth showcased on individual pedestals.” Come ON, Richie, surely you have […]

Zine Library

Zine Library features work by 50 zinesters from New Orleans, Austin, and Mexico City and is organized by Emily Morrison and Trouser House (New Orleans, […]


Unit B presents the exhibition KUU, a group exhibition featuring video and sculptural works by Estonian artists Juri Ojaver, Jaan Paavle, Paul Rodgers, and Jan […]

The International Pancake Film Festival

The third edition of the world’s only film festival dedicated to the pancake is taking place on Saturday, August 7 at Unit B Gallery! The […]

a Film and a Ride

Mark Jones and Unit B presents the San Antonio premiere of the film Happy Poet, a comedy about an out-of-work poet who decides to open […]


In celebration of Contemporary Art Month the Okay Mountain Artist Collective is back with a new exhibition at Unit B Gallery! Make-Up features recent works […]

Diamond Life

This looks like a good one!! Check out Diamond Life featuring new sculpture and drawing by current Core Fellow Jillian Conrad (shown) and videos by […]

Circulatory System: Traveling Video Show #1

Circulatory System (Austin, TX), a new curatorial venture that travels exhibitions connecting the dots between Texas’ various cities, to San Antonio. Their converted school bus […]


"Self-Revolution brings together the work of black artists both academic and self-taught whose interest lie in questioning the roles of identity, culture and perception through […]

Let This Be a Sign

featuring new works by Alejandro Diaz, Kristy Perez, and Gary Sweeney (shown)

Abhorrence of the Void

featuring work by Tom Clinton, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Louis Vega Trevino, and Scott Wolniak

Six Years Later

"Six Years Later reunites artists and friends Matt Hanner and Stephen Lapthisophon for a second time at Unit B. Both artists originally exhibited Autumn Almanac […]

Natures Way

Check out work addressing the struggles between man and nature, and visa versa, by John Fleischer, Stephanie Nadeau, Casey Roberts, and Tim Roby.

Delusions of Grandeur

Curated by Megan Carr & Adam Blumberg of Philadelphia, Delusions features work by Michael Eddy (Frankfurt, Germany), Nick Lucking (Los Angeles, CA), Jamie Lund (New […]

And the fork ran away with the spoon

Food + art. Check out work by Alice Fermin, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Cruz Ortiz, Mario Perez, and Hambone Industries, Inc., who will present the International Pancake […]

Unfurnished Room

Curated by Jacob Robichaux of Dinaburg Arts, Unfurnished Room features the work of New York artists Josh Blackwell, Rachel Foullon, Sam Gordon, Barbara Hatfield, Jamie […]

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